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Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A.


Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. designs, produces and markets innovative, energy efficient products and provides value added services for Indoor Climate Control in commercial buildings and for Refrigeration (ICC&R) of industrial processes and ICT applications through CLIMAVENETA and RC GROUP.


Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. comes to life

Climaveneta S.p.A., RC Group S.p.A., and DeLclima Finance S.r.l. resolved to merge the three companies into a new company, that will be called Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. (MEHITS) and will be operational from 1st January 2017. The new company will also integrate the entire staff of MELCO Hydronics & IT Cooling S.p.A., the former corporate operational entity, previously known as DeLclima S.p.A.
This transaction represents a further step in the integration process of DeLclima within the Mitsubishi Electric Group, and aims at simplifying the legal structure, reducing unnecessary costs for the corporate bodies and their relative administrative tasks, and streamlining and strengthening business support services.

To learn more, read also the press release.

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. comes to life
Climaveneta, RC, and DLC Finance merger project


Climaveneta, RC group, and DeLclima Finance approve the merger project, which will take effect from the 1 st of January 2017.

The board of Directors of Climaveneta, RC group, and DeLclima finance approved the merger project of the three companies into a single company that will become operational from the 1 st of January 2017.
This operation marks a further step in the integration process of DeLclima within Mitsubishi Electric and is aimed at making the control structure more efficient by completing the unification of the administrative functions and by streamlining governance structures, with consequent operative cost savings.
Climaveneta and RC Group will evolve from being two different legal entities into divisions. The Administration, Finance, Health Environment and Safety, IT, and Quality departments will be centralized, Purchasing and HR are already centralized.



Smalticeram Unicer SpA is a leading company which produces and sells frits, pigments, enamels, inks, and colours for industrial ceramics application. It has facilities in five continents. The Roteglia facilities, near Reggio Emilia in Italy, has been recently technologically renewed. The aim of this change has been the reduction of exercise costs for products’ wet milling processes through the controlled cooling granted by an RC GROUP chiller of new technological conception: UNICO TURBO FL FREE, air cooled liquid chiller with free-cooling system in “A” class energy efficiency and equipped with turbo compressors, flooded evaporator, microchannel condensing coils and free-cooling coils. In this specific case the liquid chiller is used for continuous operation, 24/7 365 days a year. The system has been oriented to take advantage of the ambient air temperature as “direct alternative renewal refrigerant” during the winter season and during the nights in the middle-seasons using indirect free-cooling.

Thanks to a smart use of free-cooling and load partializations, during the first year of operation UNICO TURBO FL FREE by RC GROUP has achieved an extremely high average energy efficiency ratio EER = 6,9 with the complete customer satisfaction.

Mitsubishi Electric Group companies to support recovery efforts following the earthquake that shook central Italy on 24th August 2016


Mitsubishi Electric Group companies to support recovery efforts following the earthquake that shook central Italy on 24th August 2016

The three companies of the Mitsubishi Electric Group based in Italy, Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. (Italian branch), Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. (Climaveneta/RC) and Mitsubishi Electric Klimat Transportation Systems, have come together to support relief efforts in the area of central Italy affected by the recent earthquake. In doing so the companies will make a combined donation to the Italian Red Cross, an association which operates on the front line of disaster relief, and which is providing great support to those who have been affected by the natural disaster. The combined donation in total is €100,000 Euros. Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental to the mission of the Mitsubishi Electric Group, including supporting local communities in which it operates such as the situation that is being faced by the areas affected by the earthquake.

Mitsubishi Electric Group expresses its deepest sympathies to those affected by the disaster and sincerely hopes for a quick recovery.


Beauty, functionality and efficiency for the new Zucchetti Tower: Climaveneta units installed at the new Tower in Lodi, undergoing LEED certification

The renovation work of the former Lodi Province Palace is in full swing, which starting from the spring-summer 2017, will officially become Zucchetti Tower. The new HQ of the most important Italian software company will be composed of 14 floors and will host 350 workers, becoming an innovation and progress symbol not only for Zucchetti, but also for the whole city of Lodi. Furthermore, the building is a good example of sustainability and is undergoing the LEED certification. The tower, designed by the architect Marco Visconti, is characterized by a steel cage with a shading effect that covers the entire building and is a technologically advanced model, almost self-sufficient from an energetic point of view. For the internal comfort of the building they have installed 2 NECS-WQ 1204 multi-purpose heat pumps by Climaveneta, for the production of both hot and cold water, even simultaneously. These units are thus able to work both in summer and in winter without any seasonal switching but above all without any CO2 emissions, thus helping to hit the LEED certification targets.

Beauty, functionality and efficiency for the new Zucchetti Tower: Climaveneta units installed at the new Tower in Lodi, undergoing LEED certification



The Technical Meeting took place at 2pm on Septmeber 2, 2016 at Politecnico di Milano - Campus Bovisa BL25 – Energy Department. It was attended by the companies of the Council organized by AiCARR Formazione in collaboration with RC Group regarding the theme: Innovation for energy efficiency. During the meeting many topics were discussed, mainly related to research efforts and development of new products and components for the production of air-conditioning systems, which are capable of meeting the reduced electrical consumption requirements in each operating mode. Thus improving the comfort (in terms of performance, reliability, noise), with minimum impact on the environment. Attendees were able to earn Professional Training Credits for Engineers and Industrial Technicians.


A new luxury resort, designed by the architect Fuksas, is coming

Surrounded by a wild and suggestive landscape, between the mountain park and the beautiful sea, Is Molas Golf Resort is located 30km from Cagliari and its international airport, on the south side of Sardinia, on one of the most charming sections of the coast. The resort, built 40 years ago, is now under renovation, following the prestigious project of the architect Fuksas. A new 80 room hotel, a boutique hotel with 39 suites, and some villas will be built in the area, for a total of 300 beds. The first executive site is an “island” composed of 15 villas now under construction between the mountain park and the “Championship Course”, which will be ready in October 2016. The villas, designed by Massimiliamo Fuksas and his wife Doriana, represent the best of the Made in Italy and of the Italian creativity on the international scene. In order to grant optimum comfort in the new villas, 15 WWR DHW2 heat pumps by Climaveneta have been installed. WWR DHW2 reversible heat pumps can operate all year round, respecting the resort’s needs, as it is always open. As a matter of fact thanks to the mild climate on this part of the island, it is possible to practice outdoor sports even in winter time.

1A new luxury resort, designed by the architect Fuksask, is coming
Climaveneta launches TX-W range


Climaveneta launches TX-W range: the new water-cooled chiller featuring unbeatable performances, customised design and the widest operating range

Designed to overcome the limits of traditional design, TX-W matches a distinctive new look with an extremely versatile configuration. The unit can host from 1 to 6 centrifugal oil-free compressors plus 6 new couples of heat exchangers which can be flexibly deployed either with a horizontal or diagonal layout, according to the most diverse requirements of the HVAC plant in terms of space availability. The result is a complete range of 63 possible combinations that provide the customer with even greater freedom of choice, both for low condensing temperature applications and in systems working with dry-coolers at higher temperatures. Leaving water temperature up to 20°C makes TX-W the perfect solution also for mission-critical applications and industrial processes.


13 Climaveneta units installed at Lisbon Airport between 2007 and 2016

Only 7 km from the Portuguese capital, the Lisbon Airport opened in 1942 but between 2007 and 2016 it underwent several improvements and expansions.  Today the Lisbon airport is the main international gateway to Portugal, and one of the most important in Europe.

To cope with a growing number of travelers in transit, the airport has been enlarged. In 2007 they began to improve the air conditioning and lighting systems, to create new parks and new gates and finally to build the new Terminal 2. A second round of work started in 2015 with the aim of improving the whole airport and of keeping pace with technology.

The HVAC system is among the strong points of the new infrastructure. It is mainly based on several large Climaveneta chillers and heat pumps for a total cooling capacity of 12,236 kW. Going into detail, 2 FOCS-CA/B 4822, 2 RECS/LT 1962, 1 FOCS-CA/B 4822 and 6 FOCS-CA/LN 5403 have been installed in the first stage of the work and 2 WHISPER E rooftop units with advanced enthalpic heat recovery were selected later on to grant perfect comfort in the new Terminal 2. All together they provide the highest energy efficiency both for the very high cooling loads as well as for the heating needs of the different buildings of the complex.

13 Climaveneta units installed at Lisbon Airport between 2007 and 2016
In Brandizzo, Turin, there's a new logistics hub undergoing LEED certification, air conditioned by Climaveneta units


In Brandizzo, Turin, there's a new logistics hub undergoing LEED certification, air conditioned by Climaveneta units

The new logistics hub located in Brandizzo, serves 25 stores and guarantees clients that products are delivered in the shortest possible time, with the lowest CO2 emissions.
This warehouse has a gross surface area of roughly 23,000 m2, and is divided into two units; one unit is mainly dedicated to picking while the other one only stocks bulky material.
A new layout has been studied here and will be used in all new Decathlon warehouses worldwide. Two automated mezzanine floors have been inserted, allowing the process to be quicker, more sustainable and more profitable.

As the building is undergoing a LEED certification, great attention has been paid to sustainability. Green choices have been made both in terms of a passive structure and mechanical plants.

The HVAC system is based on 15 WSM high efficiency reversible air cooled roof top units by Climaveneta. 10 of them are dedicated to the open spaces, 4 to the automated mezzanine floors and the last one to the laboratories, for a total air flow of about 340.000 m3/h. Going into detail, they have installed 7 WSM/CE 402 with free-cooling and 8 WSM/ HR with thermodynamic heat recovery to maximize the energy efficiency under all weather conditions.
High COP index, higher than 5, allows not only for respecting the LEED certification prerequisites, but also for the system to outperform the output required by the regional legislation at -7°C and +33°C.


Bodega Garzón, the sustainable winery in Uruguay
Energy Efficiency linked to good wine in South America

Argentina's richest businessman, according to Forbes, just opened the new Bodega Garzón winery, located three kilometers from Pueblo Garzon, Maldonado, Uruguay. With an investment of 85 million US dollars, the project includes a sustainable winery spanning 19,050 square meters housing the production of fine wines, a restaurant, a luxury hotel and an exclusive wine club. So it is not by chance if La Bodega Garzón is at #21 among the 52 places in the world to be visited in 2016, according to the New York Times.

The 2014/2015 grape collection allowed Bodega Garzón to become the first sustainable winery built outside the United States, following the requirements of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

The project is also undergoing the LEED certification, achieving energy savings of about 40%, compared to other similar facilities, and producing 40% of its energy needs through mills and photovoltaic panels.
The Bodega Garzón plant plays a fundamental role. Stable humidity and temperature levels, together with clean air quality are directly connected to the quality of the wine.
The HVAC system is thus based on high efficiency Climaveneta units: 6 WIZARD air handling units working together with 2 multiuse ERACS2-Q for the production of hot and cold water.

Energy Efficiency linked to good wine in South America
Successful district cooling and heating thanks to Climaveneta units


Malta, the happy island
Successful district cooling and heating thanks to Climaveneta units.

The HVAC system of the Tignè Point development in Malta, made up of The Point Shopping Mall, a dozen shops and restaurants outside the main building, 200 occupied luxury apartments plus other 140 still under construction and 50 large offices, is a shining example of innovation and sustainability.

The system is based on 4 FOCS2-W /H /CA  3602, 1 FOCS2-W /H /CA-E 3602 with HWT kit, Climaveneta's water to water high efficiency heat pumps, with hydraulic side reversibility and 2 EW-HT1204/S, Climaveneta's water to water heat pumps, heating only, for very high temperature water production.

FOCS2-W /H produce hot water at 55°C in the condensers and, at the same time, cold water in the evaporators. These units serve the whole development for space heating and cooling, on the basis of a 4-pipe system. In case of loads mismatch (heating load is higher than cooling load or vice versa), the dissipation of the redundant output is made by external heat exchangers, exploiting sea water, widely available at a constant temperature all year round in Malta.

EW-HT heat pumps use a part of the water heated by the FOCS2-W /H as a "cold" source (evaporator) to produce water at 78°C (condenser). The capability of taking advantage of water up to 45°C allows these heat pumps to be completely integrated into the system and to produce very high temperature water in a very efficient way, in other words with a COP=5.

The 78°C water circulates in two additional pipes (the system is based on a total of 6 pipes), supplying domestic hot water to all the buildings, in accordance with anti-legionella regulation that in Malta imposes a domestic hot water production at a minimum of 70°C. Furthermore the very hot temperature water produced by EW-HT serve also the nearby Fortina Resort both for space heating and domestic hot water production. Thanks to the connection to the new plant, the hotel switched off its already existing gas boiler, thus reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions on site.


The app is available free for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, both for smartphones and tablets

Climaveneta is ready to launch a new APP on the market, taking a further step in the digitization path that marked the company's strategy in recent years. A totally new mobile solution for the market, designed and developed with the purpose of easily accessing the control of Climaveneta units from mobile phones, exploiting the potential of WiFi connections.

Moreover, Climaveneta focuses on digital in order to increase their important presence on the web, with new tools and at the social networks level. With the Climaveneta APP you can discover the entire product range, the most prestigious projects and stay up to date on events.

The heart of the new APP is called KIPlink - Keyboard In Your Pocket - an innovative system based on WiFi technology that allows one to operate on a Climaveneta unit directly from your smartphone and tablet. Just download the APP from the store, sign up to the special section, scan the QR code placed on the units - encrypted for maximum security - and connect your device to the unit’s WiFi network.

Just a few days left to the 40th MCE edition in Milan, and even this year Climaveneta will be a protagonist of the event with an innovative and hi-tech stand. Download the new APP, and among other functions, you can book an appointment at the booth, filling out a simple form, selecting the day, time and area of interest, thus optimizing the time of your visit.

The app is available free for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, both for smartphones and tablets