‘’I cannot hide my happiness for my new role!’’, ‘’If I went back, I would do it again.’’, ‘’To change, change for the better of course.’’

The process of promoting our employees is aimed at developing the potential of each person, in a coherent and linear way which is in line with the company mission.
In this context, Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems promotes an innovative Internal Job Posting policy for its people: KIKAI.

This means opportunity

In MEHITS every employee can put himself to the test by proposing themselves for a new role, in line with their aspirations for growth. Likewise, MEHITS can draw on solid internal know-how, thus enhancing and optimizing its resources.

It is an internal selection process

Kikai is defined by an internal institutional policy, a guarantee of fairness, confidentiality, and protection of the parties involved.
It is a selection process exclusively for MEHITS employees and structured in the following way:

  • Publication of the vacant role…Kikai!
  • Applications received with consequent job interviews.
  • Accurate assessment of skills and selection of the suitable candidate.
  • Handover of role and a new starting point…Changes for the better!
Promotes a sense of belonging and business growth

Thanks to KIKAI, every spontaneous application emerges from a personal reflection and awareness of one's own abilities, needs and aspirations. Taking on a new role means integrating the wealth of experience previously acquired with new incoming knowledge. In this way, the process of professional growth begins to take shape and with personal growth also comes business growth.

Kikai is the opportunity to grow together,

Kikai is Changes for the Better