From the first day to the first year: the process of integration in Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems


Uchi (inside) refers to the group that you take part in, Soto, its antithesis, it is all that is "outside". Starting your career at MEHITS means joining a group - Uchi - our group.
For this reason, the on-boarding process is an important process aimed at helping the new person to the values and vision of such a large family.

Our on-boarding process is a set of structured activities, carried out during the first year, which facilitate the transmission and exchange of knowledge, skills and useful behaviours for building the basis of a long-lasting and profound working relationship.

Being able to express yourself, learn and share meaningful experiences becomes, therefore, a requirement to feel part of the MEHITS group and make your placement into the company a memorable experience.

What contribution can you make for your MEHITS Experience?

The first day

The first face-to-face: The first day is the most important and significant: a new company, new colleagues, new goals, and new challenges. For this reason, each manager immediately supports the enry: welcoming them upon arrival, introducing them to their colleagues, giving a physical tour of the workplace, and discussing and clarifying mutual expectations and aspirations.

Everyone wants to meet new colleagues: All MEHITS employees receive an organizational communication that informs them of the arrival of new colleagues. These announcements briefly describing their previous experiences and the role they will take on.

Welcome on board! Your journey has just begun ...

The first week

The welcome kit: During the first week a symbolic welcome gift is delivered, aimed at making the new resource feel part of the MEHITS family, together with Pills of Japan, a manual to help promote knowledge of habits and customs of our mother company.

The details that make a difference! A private meeting with a HR Plant Specialist will clarify contractual details, benefits, and other administrative practices within the company.

The first few months

The Induction Plan: On a quarterly basis, a training plan is developed to help new entries learn about the organization and operation of the company at 360 degrees.

The induction plan involves all MEHITS managers, who present their roles and the activities of their department, both in terms of strategic importance for the type of business and for different organizational aspects.

The new employee therefore has the possibility to interact with both colleagues who are participating in the on-boarding experience, and with the key managers of the organization.

Ad hoc training - Parallel to the induction plan each manager, in collaboration with the HR BU Manager / HR BP of reference, prepares and organizes on-the-job training activities designed and structured to enhance the unique talents of the new entry.

The best way to try to understand the world is to see it from as many angles as possible. (Ari Kiev)

The first year

Welcome on board: After the first year working in the company, MEHITS dedicates a whole day to all new entries during the year. With a splendid location, prestigious speakers, presentations by top managers of the company, and excellent facilitators, the new recruits are accompanied on a journey through the history and successes of our company through institutional presentations and team building activities.

Welcome to our team! We are traveling in the same direction: Changes for Better