Santa Caterina Museum

Santa Caterina Museum
Treviso - Italy

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Period: 2018 - 2021
Application: Museum
Cooling capacity: 315
Heating capacity: 337
Installed machines: 2 x NECS-WQ 0512
The Santa Caterina complex is in the historic center of the beautiful city of Treviso, and consists of two adjacent historical buildings, just refurbished and transformed into one of the Treviso’s Civic Museums headquarters.

Such a varied historical complex, with an exhibition of works of art to preserve, and various number of visitors throughout the year and week, needs a highly flexible air conditioning system. The location of the buildings, in the historic center, also requires a solution with reduced environmental and acoustic impact.

The HVAC system is based on two multipurpose NECS-WQ 0512 units, connected to two extraction wells. Thanks to the heat, otherwise dispersed, that is recovered and the use of groundwater, which has a constant temperature throughout the year, the energy efficiency of the entire air conditioning system is maximized. The water source multipurpose units, which have been installed in an internal technical room, do not produce any local CO₂ emissions and minimum noise emissions.
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