Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. designs, manufactures, and markets high efficiency, reliable, economically viable, eco-sustainable solutions and value adding services worldwide, in particular by embracing renewable energy sources, operating in the market with two brands: Climaveneta and RC.

A leading brand in central climate control systems and Process Cooling with 45 years'experience, providing products and value adding services in the most demanding projects worldwide.


Climaveneta's mission is to provide energy efficient heating, air conditioning, and optimisation solutions that enhance everyone's comfort, improve the profitability of buildings and do not contribute to an increase in levels Co2 levels.

As a European leader in the HVAC industry, Climaveneta has provided premium air conditioning and heating solutions for the most challenging and demanding projects worldwide for over 45 years. Building on this strong legacy, Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. has decided to turn Climaveneta into the Group's specialized brand for hydronic comfort applications.

The result is the most complete range of advanced solutions providing enhanced usability, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability to modern buildings, as well as for the health, and well-being of the people who spend their time there.

These solutions are backed by a business approach based on flexibility and capability to adapt the system to the requirements of each project, as well as on vast experience and on the strength of belonging to a large multinational group such as Mitsubishi Electric in terms of integrated R&D, operations and central functions.

Climaveneta Mission
Perfect Comfort and Well-being

Ensuring a perfect control of temperature, humidity as well as of air quality and noise level, ideal comfort conditions are ensured even in the most demanding applications and challenging climate conditions.

Specific Solutions for each project

A vast range of highly configurable products, combined with solutions dedicated to each project, when even the highest configurability is not enough, is key to delivering best comfort without any limitations on architectural choices, reduced footprint of technical systems and not aesthetical impact.

Lowest cost of ownership

Thanks to cutting-edge solutions designed around technological innovation and sustainability in order to drive down initial investment, running costs and maintenance, and to increase the total life cycle of the product, Climaveneta units are a key asset in making new or existing properties more valuable and profitable.

Simplified on-site operations

Thanks to their "plug & play" approach, Climaveneta units integrate many functions traditionally provided by different systems, such as heating and cooling, and equipped with all options and equipment in order to make on site operations, rational, simple and predictable, with countless advantages in project management.

Smart Integration of the most advanced technologies

The extensive experience in the peculiarities of process cooling applications allows Climaveneta to offer the smartest combination of the most advanced technologies such as: full inverter concept, free cooling, heat recovery management, and evaporative cooling.

Complete Reliability

Thanks to high quality components and materials, and continuous improvement programmes aimed at cutting maintenance costs and ensuring 24/7 premium performance.