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The shopping centre market in Europe: increasingly sustainable


According to the latest European Shopping Centre Development Report there is an increasing number of new shopping centre developments, after a weak first half of the year in 2016. If the entire expected built area in Europe will be delivered on time, the total number of the shopping centres will increase from 156.3 million square meters - recorded at the end of the first half of 2016 - to 164.4 million square meters by the end of 2017. In a ranking of European countries with the greatest square metres of new space, Italy ranked fourth, after Turkey, Russia, and France, with 93,000 square meters of new GLA completed in the first half of 2016.


The slowness of the scheduling process and the difficulties related to the implementation of new malls has led to an increase in the expansion of existing centres. In the second half of 2016, 1 out of 5 interventions in Europe covered the renovation and expansion of existing centres. Both in new and in refurbished shopping malls there is an increased attention to topics related to respecting the environment and sustainability. As a result, technological systems today are playing a key role in the development of a successful shopping center. So it is not by chance that the main new shopping centers in Italy ELNÒS Shopping and Adigeo are both air conditioned by Climaveneta units. The HVAC system of the ELNÒS Shopping is based on 6 NECS N/B1716 reversible heat pumps, 10 WET/RTF water source roof top with variable water flow system and 10 WIZARD air handling units. The Climaveneta units are linked to the BMS to improve the management of energy consumption. At the Adigeo Mall the HVAC system has been designed following the LEED prerequisites: 16 WHISPER ENTHALPY air source roof top units by Climaveneta have been installed, for a total air flow of 500.000 m3/h, and 1 air to air reversible heat pump NECS-N/CA in Class A efficiency.


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Efficient heat waste recovery

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, through its brand Climaveneta has recently supplied 2 heat pumps for Fortum’s district heating operations in Finland. Fortum, a Finnish energy company, will utilize the waste heat from a data center and supply the heat into a district heat network in a very innovative and sustainable way. Using the heat waste of a data center is a good example of how it is actively possible to move towards low-carbon district heating.


ELCA Studio now Eurovent certified

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling SpA, in line with its guiding principles of quality, technology, and compliance, has long taken part in the Eurovent certification program. With the launch of the new Eurovent certification program for selection software, the company has been one of the first to apply ELCA Studio Fan Coil: the selection software for the Climaveneta hydronic terminals. Eurovent expressed a positive opinion of ELCA Studio Fan Coil appreciating the data structure, the potential of the calculation, and the clear layout of printed output.

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Best Talent Hunter 2016

The University of Padua organized the Best Talent Hunter 2016 Award, dedicated to companies that have stood out in the promotion of employment policies dedicated to young people, students and graduates. Companies obtained recognition on the basis of recruiting activities, number of offered internship offers, and quality of the activities carried out during the internship. At Best Talent Hunter 2016, Climaveneta, who from the 1st January became Mitusbishi Electric Hydronics and IT Cooling Systems Spa, was awarded "Best intern satisfaction".


Sustainable Development Goals

While many might look at a building and see only an inanimate structure, we look at buildings and see both the physicality and the process by which they are created – an opportunity to not only save energy, water and carbon emissions but to educate, create jobs, strengthen communities, improve health and wellbeing, and much, much more. Green building is a true catalyst for addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Source: WorldGBC

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