April 2017 




Sustainable Comfort at Nuvola by Lavazza


Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, through its brand Climaveneta has supplied the air conditioning units to the new Lavazza HQ, rising from a refurbished power plant in the city centre of Turin. The complex consists of a new building, designed by Cino Zucchi Architects and the renovation, still in progress, of the historical building of the power plant, which will become an event space with restaurants. The new building has sinuous forms which recall those of a cloud, and is linked to the Lavazza Museum through a large atrium this creates new pedestrian spaces which opens into the neighborhood.


The environmental respect is evidenced by the decision to certify the new development in accordance with LEED requirements. Several design choices have been taken to improve the energy performance of the new business center of about 25-30%. The most significant ones are the production of heating and cooling which exploit ground water; the choice of a primary air system based on radiant ceiling panels, the air-treatment with high efficient heat recovery system, the photovoltaic system for the production of electrical energy, and the LED lighting system capable of maximizing the natural light reducing the consumption of electricity. The comfort inside the buildings is granted by Climaveneta high efficiency multi-purpose heat pumps. Specifically, there are 3 ERACS2-WQ 2502, 1 WW-HT 0202 and 1 MANAGER 3000 serving the new building and 3 ERACS2-WQ 1302, 1 NECS-WQ 302 and 4 WW-HT to grant perfect comfort all year round in the refurbished one, for a total of 3.000 kW heating capacity.


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Celebrating 1000 days without any injuries at our plant in Treviso

For Climaveneta, as a brand of Mitsubishi Electric Hydronic & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A., safety is a core element of the organizational culture, proven by the OHSAS 18001 certification obtained in June 2015 and by the BBS - Behaviour Based Safety – project, gradually extended to all our establishments. Now we are proud to inform you that the Mignagola-TV plant passed 1,000 days without injuries. It’s the first time that an Italian plant achieves this important record, made possible thanks to daily the commitment of all workers.


ClimaPRO: Chiller plant control with active optimization system

In commercial buildings, HVAC accounts for 45% of total energy consumption, 65% of which is used in the plant room alone. The plant room can be considered the heart of HVAC. It is where hot and cold water is created for distribution to other subsystems throughout the building. Optimization of the energy used within the plant room is therefore critical to the overall building energy profile. ClimaPRO is the best investment to harness the energy saving potential offered by HVAC plant room equipment, driving real energy saving routines and effectively reducing your total energy bill.

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Climaveneta @ Fuorisalone 2017: Tramway To The Future!

What happened on Tram-way To The Future? During Design Week, this "on the move" event, on dedicated tram toured Milan’s famous streets, while exchanging ideas and thoughts on sustainability.

On the 5th of April, our Applications Manager, Massimo Salmaso was present to talk about sustainable innovation for the future.


Green architecture is inevitable

Green architecture is gaining momentum around the world as the necessity to integrate development with sustainability is magnified by rapidly deteriorating resources. In the centre of Italy’s industrial and financial hub, a forest, “Bosco Verticale” rises upward towards the sky. The Bosco Verticale is just one of the many emerging climate-friendly buildings around the world.

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Our Talent Acquisition & Development Team will be present at the 10th edition of Career Day which will be held on the 16th May at Politecnico Milano.


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Why LEED Certification Matters


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