June 2017 




The role of comfort in a modern and innovative building


Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, through its brand Climaveneta has supplied the HVAC units for the new Rome Convention Centre air conditioning. Formally inaugurated last October, the building "has been designed with the aim of transforming Rome into one of the most important congressional destinations in the world," said Plinio Malucchi, General Manager of Rome Convention Group.


The project, designed by Architect Fuksas, was developed in three distinct bodies: a hotel of 439 rooms, 7 suites and a wellness center; an underground area, which includes smaller auditoriums, meeting rooms, annexed services and parking; and the teak, which houses the congressional area, with the modular rooms, that can accommodate up to 6,000 seated people and the so-called Nuvola with its 1,850-seat auditorium. The new conference center has been designed and realized with the aim of providing guests with the highest level of wellbeing during the events. Lights, air conditioning, acoustics, services, everything has been designed to strike end-users. In the Convention Centre planning, great attention was paid to sustainability. Many architectural and technological choices were made to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. To this end the central air-conditioning system, which is based on variable-flow units, allows the system to optimize the energy consumption considering the real thermal loads of the building. The plant room consists of 5 ERACS2-WQ 3202 multi-purpose heat pumps and 2 FOCS2-W/CA 9604 liquid chillers, all water-cooled and all Climaveneta branded.


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Climaveneta shortlisted at the 2017 RAC Cooling Awards

Climaveneta has recently been shortlisted for Building Energy Project, with Cajamar Headquarters and Loccioni Leaf Lab, International Achievement, with Cajamar Headquarters and Loccioni Leaf Lab, Air Conditioning Innovation with i-FX-Q2, and Air Conditioning Product of the Year with i-FX-Q2, at the 2017 RAC Cooling Awards. All of the winners will be announced at another spectacular evening at the prestigious London Hilton, Park Lane on 27 September.



+2P: an integrated module for the production of very high temperature water (up to 78 °C). Designed as a fully integrated module, +2P is installed inside the main and grants efficiencies without compromise. The multipurpose heat pump with integrated +2P module is therefore able to satisfy, independently and simultaneously, 3 different thermal requirements at 3 different temperatures, without limiting operational flexibility. Thanks to +2P, other supplementary sources will no longer be necessary for the production of high temperature water.

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Bridging the gap between Italy and Japan!

Thursday, June 15th Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems hosted the first “Kakehashi” workshop on Japanese culture at the M11 plant in Bassano del Grappa.
The workshop was the first of a series of meetings open to all MEHITS employees aimed at introducing Japanese culture. The title, ‘Kakehashi’ means ‘the bridge’ or ‘connection’, and aims at providing an initial introduction to Japanese culture and its fascination, tradition and modern expressions.


The world's first commercial carbon-capture plant opens in Switzerland

Founded by Climeworks, the direct air capture (DAC) plant is capable of removing 900 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) from ambient air annually. This is then supplied as a raw material to customers in different markets, including to a nearby vegetable farm, where it is used as fertilizer. The CO2 can also be used to make carbonated drinks and carbon-neutral fuels.

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11th - 12th October, Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore


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Climaveneta for Fortum District Heating


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