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The clinic that takes its patients to heart


Casa di Cura Montevergine S.p.A. in Mercogliano is a private clinic specialized in cardiovascular diseases. The hospital is located in a hilly area in the historic town of Mercogliano, a well-known climatic small town in Irpinia, not far from the city center of Avellino. The complex has 120 beds and consists of a main building, divided into 4 levels with a total internal surface area of 5,700 sqm dedicated to health activities and a secondary building, where the Administrative Offices, the Medical Management and support works offices are located.


In 2017, for the second consecutive year, Montevergine S.p.A. ranked third in the best clinics in Italy in terms of number and quality of surgical procedures. The HVAC plant designer chose 2 Climaveneta TECS XL CA 0512 high efficiency chillers, air source for outdoor installation in super low noise version, featuring oil-free centrifugal compressors with magnetic levitation. In addition to the high energy efficiency achieved, the plant fully meets the customer's needs in terms of reduced noise levels, to avoid any obstacle to the delicate activities taking place inside the building, and any concern to the patients of the Clinic.


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The Energy Awards 2017

The Energy Awards celebrate excellence and provide a platform to recognize those who focus on intelligent use of energy. The awards shine a spotlight on important achievements reached among the industry’s finest. Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, through its brand Climaveneta, has been shortlisted in 3 categories. The winners will be announced at The London Hilton, Park Lane on December 6th during the black-tie gala dinner.


ClimaPRO: Chiller plant control with active optimization system

In commercial buildings, HVAC accounts for 45% of total energy consumption, 65% of which is used in the plant room alone. The plant room can be considered the heart of HVAC. It is where hot and cold water is created for distribution to other subsystems throughout the building. Optimization of the energy used within the plant room is therefore critical to the overall building energy profile. ClimaPRO is the best investment to harness the energy saving potential offered by HVAC plant room equipment, driving real energy saving routines and effectively reducing your total energy bill.

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On the 13th of November the press conference for the launch of "ReStart4Smart", the project of the prototype home of the future designed by Sapienza University of Rome team, was held at the Microsoft House in Milan. The project will take part in the Solar Decathlon competition, the Olympic games for universities with Sustainable Architecture programs that will be held in 2018, in Dubai. On the comfort side, the Sapienza team has chosen MEHITS for their Climaveneta branded air conditioning units. The HVAC system is based on a i-NRG 230/1/50 heat pump with i-HWD2 ducted units and i-LIFE2 HP fan coils.


Denmark is moving convincingly on decarbonisation

Denmark remains a global leader in decarbonising its economy and is on track to meet its ambitious goal of becoming a low-carbon economy by the middle of the century, according to the International Energy Agency’s latest reviews of the country’s energy policies. Denmark has a long tradition of setting ambitious national energy targets, based on nation-wide Energy Agreements. In 2030, it aims for renewables to cover at least half of the country’s total energy consumption. By 2050, Denmark aims to be a low-carbon society independent of fossil fuels.

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06 - 08 Dicembre 2017


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Climaveneta per Corte Bertesina


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