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The new Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Turin reopened its doors last autumn after 1,000 days of construction. Fondazione CRT invested 100 million euros for the rebirth of the entire industrial complex, including the majestic H-shaped building of about 20,000 square meters, the office buildings and all the open-air areas for a total of 35,000 square meters. The real estate development enriches and completes the new urban renewal of the city of Turin.


To guarantee the best comfort in this large multifunctional space, a customized system has been designed based on 1 magnetic levitation chiller and 2 multi-purpose heat pumps, all Climaveneta branded and all managed by ClimaPRO. The chiller, thanks to the Turbocor magnetic levitation compressors, manages the thermal load from 10 to 100% in a dynamic and fluid way, maintaining the energy performance of the machine. As the unit is water condensed, its energetic performances are in fact very high performing, especially at partial loads, which is 90% of the machine’s operation. The multi-purpose units also guarantee, at any time during the year, both heating and cooling recovery, even simultaneously, through a thermoregulation on both the hot and cold exchanger, reaching EER of 7 and ESEER of 9.40 in special loading conditions. The same units are also connected to groundwater, allowing greater energy efficiencies compared to traditional systems with reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while respecting the environment.


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Historic landmark and art museum in Paris

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, through its brand RC, supplied the air conditioning units to the Louvre. Considering the extensive art collection that the Louvre houses, the temperature and humidity is of utmost importance. Going into detail, 41 chilled water high precision air conditioners, RC branded, with an over airflow configuration and air in-take from the rear for a total cooling capacity of 2,645 kW were installed.


FR-Z 0751-1801

MEHITS extends its air-cooled chiller portfolio for the IT Cooling segment and presents FR-Z 0751-1801: 10 new sizes with one fix-speed screw compressor that cover a cooling capacity range from 140 to 396 kW. FR-Z 0751-1801 derives its technology from the existing FR-Z 1502-7223 (2-3 compressor models), including the CSC compressor and the V-block structure. The new single-compressor models extend the existing family range towards lower cooling capacities, thus representing a highly resistant and reliable alternative to scroll technology.

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New brand image for Climaveneta and RC products

In order to strengthen CV and RC identity as Mitsubishi Electric brands and harmonise our company image, a new brand image for product labelling will be introduced in all products manufactured starting from May. An overview of the new brand image guidelines is available on the link below. The new brand image standardises the use of CV and RC brand in the products, and allows to emphasise the belonging to MEHITS, introducing also a stronger use of red colour, which is a key element of Mitsubishi Electric brand image.


Building data centers with a conscience

In the developed world, our lives are becoming increasingly data-driven. We rely on data every day for business and financial transactions. Even in our personal lives, data is everywhere. All of that data needs to be stored somewhere, and that uses a lot of energy. Today, the data center industry uses around six percent of the world’s global electricity supply. With all of these changes now is the time to ask; could our data centers do more beyond safely storing our data and facilitating the exchange of information globally?

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This year we are taking part in #TecnicaMente, where current high school students complete a project-based 10-week internship in local companies. Upon completion, a jury composed of representatives from all the companies involved will evaluate the projects and select a winner on May 30th.


Sustainability is one of the key concepts of the new Las Piedras shopping center located in Montevideo. Great importance has been given to lighting, to the rational use of water thanks to a dual supply system that divides drinking water from the one for service purposes. Even the HVAC system has been designed and built with a strong focus on sustainability and energy saving.

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