The green revolution in Uruguay


Uruguay is a country of almost 3 and a half million inhabitants that has no oil reserves and that until just over 10 years ago imported oil from neighbouring countries. Thanks to the green energy policy launched in 2000, and today, the country produces 97% of the total electricity from renewable sources.


The city of Las Piedras, in the Canelones region, in recent years has become a rapidly growing urban centre, following the strong metropolitan development of the capital Montevideo. In this area the Las Piedras Shopping mall was created: a total of 38,000 m² with 100 shops, 5 movie theatres, 1 superstore, a large food court with 12 different restaurants, with a total capacity of 600 people. Given the green context in which the structure stands, sustainability and respect for the environment were the cornerstones for the design of the entire building. Great importance was given to lighting, with large use of windows and therefore natural light, flanked by artificial LED lighting. The air conditioning of the shopping centre is based on a centralized system with water-cooled liquid chillers that provide the various commercial premises and air-handling units that serve all the common areas. To reduce energy consumption, while guaranteeing maximum reliability and internal comfort for the end-users of the centre, highly efficient Climaveneta branded units have been selected. In detail, 3 FOCS2-W/CA water-cooled liquid chillers, in a high efficiency version, have been installed with a total cooling capacity of 3,417 kW. These units are connected to the cooling towers. The air treatment is carried out by 10 WIZARD-TA-7500 CA air handling units, with a total air flow rate of 244.035 m³/h.


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LEED Platinum Shopping Centre

The new Adigeo Shopping Centre in Verona has just been awarded the highest level of LEED, the Platinum certification. This is the first LEED certification for ECE, the property owners, and the first Platinum certification for any shopping centre in Italy. The USGBC reviewers assessed both the design and specific aspects of the property such as energy consumption, socio-cultural projects, and mobility.


i-BX-N and i-BX

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems presents i-BX-N: the new Climaveneta branded air-cooled heat pump for residential use. The new range, from 4.20 to 34.3 kW, is available in single-phase and three-phase versions, with and without the hydronic kit and in cooling-only version (i-BX), to meet all the comfort needs of residential and small tertiary sectors. The i-BX-N and i-BX ranges use Mitsubishi Electric inverter compressors, to create synergy between the Group's technologies.

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New Abi D'Oru Resort Project Focus

The 5-star Abi D’Oru resort is located on the north coast of Sardinia near Porto Rotondo, one of the most exclusive locations in Italy. In the recent years the hotel decided to start a process of renovation and expansion especially for the mechanical systems. Energy efficiency was a primary aspect due to the need to optimise energy consumption and the expansion possibilities linked to specific energy savings target included in the regional law. The Recorded measurements from 2017 show an annual savings of 25-30% (approximately 22,364-26,837 euros), TER 3.01 -3.24-3.64 (July-Sept: FOCS heat pump) and EER 4.69-5.30-4.98 (July-Sept: TECS chiller).


A holistic approach can improve business performance

A new study out of the University of Sydney has delved into the optimal conditions for healthy offices, finding that a holistic approach combining positive leadership and healthy, green building design can improve worker wellbeing and business performance. Lead researcher Professor Anthony Grant from the university’s Coaching Psychology Unit said the study was the first to look at workplace health holistically – combining both the leadership of an organisation in an HR sense, but also building design, fitout and social environments.

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RAC Cooling Awards 2018
London Hilton, Park Lane,
26 September 2018


A world leader in the production of glass lenses for sunglasses, Barberini SpA has opened a new production plant in Città Sant'Angelo (PE), and they have chosen Climaveneta branded units for their HVAC system.

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