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Barberini, founded by Pietro Barberini in 1963, today is the world leader for production of optical glass solar lenses, with exclusive and sophisticated technical features, used by various luxury brands. The company controls the entire production chain, from the raw materials to the finished lenses.


The company, recently acquired by Luxottica, has just inaugurated their new and modern factory in Città Sant'Angelo (PE). The building has a total surface area of 25,000 m² and is highly sustainable. Its structure is made of laminated wood and the use of concrete is very limited, to allow easy recycling of materials in the case of changes to the structure, in terms of total or partial expansions. In designing the new factory flexibility was key: the building and systems were designed to respond intelligently to present and future needs of production and logistics. Even the HVAC plant room, built in a lofted space under the wooden roof, allows maximum flexibility for the air conditioning and air treatment system. Its central position helps optimize the length of ducts and pipes, reducing pressure losses and thus maximizing overall system performance. The air treatment inside the plant is guaranteed by units that move about 600,000 m³/hour of air, of which 250,000 is external air, which is either heated or cooled before being introduced into the factory. This requirement is met by an air conditioning system that has a heating capacity of 3,000 kW and a cooling capacity of about 8,000 kW, distributed through a network of pipes at various temperature levels, depending on the operational needs of the production equipment. For the HVAC system, 2 heat pumps have been installed with partial heat recovery FOCS-N/D/LN-CA/S 4822, 2 chillers with partial heat recovery FOCS/D/CA/S 6603, and 1 air cooled chiller NX/K/S 0714P, all Climaveneta brand.


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High Efficiency and very low noise level

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, through its brand RC has supplied the air-conditioning units for proRZ Data Center. RC supplied two UNICO TURBO FL FREE high efficiency free-cooling water cooled chillers with very low noise emissions and 14 high density close control air conditioners, which are supplied by the water source compact NEXT EVO CW K PLUS chillers to answer to the specific end-user requests in terms of high cooling density in order to save space inside the Data Center.


FX 0751-1801

MEHITS extends its air-cooled chiller portfolio for the comfort cooling segment and presents FX 0751-1801: 10 new sizes with one fix-speed screw compressor that cover a cooling capacity range from 140 to 396 kW. FX 0751-1801 derives its technology from the existing FX 1502-7223 (2-3 compressor models), including the CSC compressor and the V-block structure. In addition, the new single-compressor models extend the existing family range towards lower cooling capacities, thus representing a highly resistant and reliable alternative to scroll technology.

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Extreme heat is linked with reduced cognitive performance

Extreme heat is linked with reduced cognitive performance among young adults in non-air-conditioned buildings. Students who lived in dormitories without AC during a heat wave performed worse on a series of cognitive tests compared with students who lived in air-conditioned dorms.

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RAC Cooling Awards 2018
London Hilton, Park Lane,
26 September 2018

Our Project Managers, Marco and Luca after presenting in front of the RAC Cooling Awards judging panel!


Centro de Convenciones, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The innovative new Convention Center in Buenos Aires, which has a capacity of 5,000, has chosen Climaveneta units for the air conditioning system.

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