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The new reliable dynamic optimisation solution.

By optimising the plant room conditions there is an immense potential for energy savings.

Nearly half of the total energy consumption comes from the HVAC system. Based on solid engineering principles and advanced pre-programmed control logic, ClimaPRO provides the best solution to realise the true energy savings potential in the plant room.

ClimaPRO control

ClimaPRO is a simple to install, web based, easy to integrate, optimisation system that takes full control of the plant room, providing:

  • Direct savings in energy consumption (typically 5 -15% on manually controlled plant)
  • Condition-based maintenance; goes beyond the traditional ‘fix and forget’ regimes
  • Easy-to-access performance measurement of key plant room components
  • Improved Green Building rating potential and enhanced property value

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Chiller plant control with active optimization system


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Chiller plant control with active optimization system

ClimaPRO is the best investment to harness the energy saving potential offered by HVAC plant room equipment, driving real energy saving routines and effectively reducing your total energy bill. For more information:

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Idrorelax control

IDRORELAX is a centralized supervision and control system for hydronic residential systems consisting of terminals and Mitsubishi Electric units.

It allows up to 224 devices to be connected between hydronic terminals, chillers, and heat pumps, centralizing their control. By accessing Idrorelax it is possible to set the start-up and the operating modes of the entire system. The Touch Screen user interface has been designed to make navigation intuitive and fast. The Idrorelax control panel is supplied in two mounting and recessed mounting options for maximum flexibility of use.

IDRORELAX is available for

  • panel installation
  • Wall installation

Its main features are

  • Touch Screen user interface, with 5.7 " TFT color display
  • Centralized management of the entire hydronic system: terminals and units
  • Integrated display of the states and set temperatures, both for units and for internal spaces
  • Automated management of the plant with activation of the terminals for daily or weekly time bands, by area and by grouping
  • Reduction of energy consumption thanks to the centralized optimization of the comfort in the room on the basis of the hot and cold energy needs detected by the indoor units


Manager 3000 control

Designed to be used in both Comfort and IT Cooling applications, MANAGER 3000 and DATACENTER MANAGER, respectively are the ideal solution for controlling the sequence of units.

MANAGER3000 and DATACENTER MANAGER allow the user to manage the activation sequence of the units in a safe and reliable way thanks to control algorithms tested over time. This ensures stabile and reliable control, ensuring the most restrictive requirements for ‘uptime’ levels required in the industrial sector and IT Cooling applications.

Key functions

  • Management of the fixed sequence of activation of the units for the production of chilled water and hot water for heating
  • hours of operation of resources distributed equally
  • Priority assignment of the ‘main’ unit activation
  • daily and weekly scheduling management for system activation and shutdown
  • optimization of the working temperatures through setpoint compensation on the control panel

MANAGER3000 and DATACENTER MANAGER allow the user to manage the internal resources of the units in SATURATION or BALANCING, thus allowing maximum application flexibility for the HVAC plant control in the most widespread industrial sectors.

Manager3000 60%


Unit active at 60% load


Ready to Start

Unit inactive


The total power required by the system is supplied by each individual unit up to its maximum power. In case of increasing demand, the system activates in sequence the other units available to meet the plant's energy needs.

Manager3000 30%


Unit active at 30% load

Manager3000 30%


Unit active at 30% load


The requested power is divided among the units present in the system, all operating in load partialization regime. The system load variations are followed by all the active units increasing or decreasing the power supplied by each individual unit.

MANAGER3000 and DATACENTER MANAGER allow the user to increase the efficiency levels of the system by controlling the pumps of primary circuits and secondary circuits with variable flow, obtaining significant energy savings deriving from the circulation of fluids.

VPF: Variable Primary Flow

The circulation of fluids through the system takes place thanks to the primary circuit pumps with variable flow rate. The water flow varies according to the actual request of the users and is detected by the Manager3000/DATACENTER Manager control system. In the event of a low system load, the minimum circulation is ensured thanks to the management of the valve that balances the flow rates between the primary circuits and the secondary circuits.

The strengths of this configuration are:

  • Reduction of investment costs by eliminating circulation pumps in secondary circuits
  • Reduction of energy consumption deriving from variable flow
VPVSF: Variable Primary Variable Secondary Flow

This configuration foresees the presence of variable displacement pumps in both the primary and secondary circuits.

The water flow varies according to:

  • the actual energy demand of secondary circuits
  • the delta °t of the units in the primary circuits

Minimum circulation is ensured thanks to the presence of a circuit breaker between the primary and secondary circuits.

The strengths of this configuration are:

  • Reduction of energy consumption deriving from the variable flow rate for all the pumps in the system
  • System reliability thanks to the coexistence of two independent circuit solutions

The optimization of the plants deriving from the flow management in VPF and VPVSF configurations is available for all control and optimization systems:

  • MANAGER3000
  • ClimaPRO
  • ClimaPRO DCO (Data Centre Optimizer)