Green Refrigerant units

Green Refrigerant units

Green refrigerant chillers and heat pumps: the widest choice for enhanced efficiency and sustainability in every project
Green Refrigerant units
Achieving outstanding performance and ensuring long-term sustainability are key requirements for modern HVAC systems. Increasing concerns about the global warming impact of chillers and heat pumps have driven new regulatory policies to push towards a more comprehensive approach on the environmental impact of refrigerants used in air conditioning. They combine the need to reduce both greenhouse and global warming potential, measured by the parameters, Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronic & IT Cooling Systems, has always been attentive to the themes of energy efficiency and environmental respect and now is more than ever persuaded that the only effective way to contribute to truly sustainable HVAC systems and buildings is an all-round approach aimed at reducing the Total Equivalent Warming Impact (TEWI), by tackling simultaneously both direct global warming, caused by the refrigerant adopted, and indirect, caused by primary energy consumption of the unit.

In practice this means offering a wide portfolio of updated product ranges, focusing on sustainability and efficiency, selecting for each product family and technology the most suitable green refrigerant.

The variants available are numerous and a refrigerant with a lower GWP is not always the one that maximizes the efficiency of the unit or is aligned with the financial and engineering constraints of the project. What use would a zero-emission, but high energy consuming HVAC system have? And who would select a perfect system from a sustainable point of view but with a very long return on investment?

For this reason, MEHITS, thanks to its extensive experience and the know-how gained from so many successful projects, offers the best compromise between rational use of energy, environmental respect, and competitiveness for each of its product ranges.

The G05 range

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems has selected the R513A refrigerant for its units with screw compressors, a viable alternative to R134a. This refrigerant is a mixture of R1234yf (56%) and R134a (44%), non-toxic and non-flammable (Class A1 of ASHRAE 34, ISO 817), which guarantees a -56% reduction in GWP compared to R134a. There are numerous ranges of chillers, heat pumps, and multi-purpose units already available with the new R513A refrigerant and are all identified by the acronym G05.

They are available for comfort applications, as well as for Process cooling projects and data center cooling systems.

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The G06 range

For units with scroll compressors MEHITS has selected the new R454B refrigerant, with a GWP 76% lower than its predecessor R410A. With a 10% reduced refrigerant charge and improved efficiency, the R454B offers the best trade-off between minimizing environmental impact and rational energy use for these units. R454B consists of 69% R32 and 31% R1234yf and is classified as A2L (non-toxic but slightly flammable) in the PED 1 safety group. To enable proper management of transport, storage and installation, as well as subsequent maintenance, MEHITS provides its customers with dedicated tools that simplify and make the main operations related to the delivery and start-up of the units completely secure. Identified with the acronym G06 in our product range, we currently offer the air-cooled NX and NR-Z chiller ranges and the air source NX-N heat pump range with R454B refrigerant for outdoor installation.

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HFO: fourth-generation refrigerants

The flagship of green refrigerants are the HFOs (Hydrofluoroolefin), or fourth-generation refrigerants, which have ODP values of zero and negligible GWP (<1). For its TECS2, TECS2-W, FX, i-FX, TRCS2, TRCS2-W, FR, and i-FR chiller ranges, MEHITS chose to replace the R134a with the new HFO R1234ze refrigerant, which has a near-zero GWP and a time of dissolution in the atmosphere of just 2 weeks, compared to the 14 years of R134a. Despite being slightly flammable, it is highly compatible with standard components and has an operating performance similar to that of R134a, thus making the new HFO R1234ze the perfect alternative to HFC refrigerants.

There are numerous projects already carried out with MEHITS HFO brand units, in various applications and countries around the world. In all these projects, where the main driver is sustainability, or where the customer demonstrates a strong sensitivity to the issues of environmental respect, units with HFO make a significant difference.

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