New i-LIFE2 Slim range dedicated to residential comfort


Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems presents i-LIFE2 SLIM: the renewed fan coil range, dedicated to residential comfort.

Conceived to make every kind of residential environment more comfortable, the new i-LIFE2 Slim fan coil integrates excellent performance with irresistible charm. Featuring a harmonious design and an extraordinary depth of only 13 cm, i-LIFE2 Slim complements the interior design and fits perfectly in modern buildings.

The i-LIFE2 Slim fan coil is synonymous of perfect comfort in every situation, and in every season. The brushless motor quickly reaches the desired comfort level to maintain the occupant’s overall well-being over time, without any temperature fluctuation.

i-LIFE2 SLIM range is built in 5 sizes, for 2 Pipe Systems only. Thanks to 4 versions with cabinet and built-in mounting, for horizontal or vertical installation, the ideal solution is guaranteed for any project.

i-LIFE2 Slim with foot
i-LIFE2 Slim: front view
i-LIFE2 Slim: side view
i-LIFE2 Slim in a room
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