An innovative air conditioner with a revolutionary structure



Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems presents the new water chilled Close Control Air Conditioner, RC branded: NEXT X TYPE. In line with RC’s50-year experience of successful projects worldwide, it was designed following a CFD analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics) with the aim of reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs of a data center, while providing high reliability and continuous operation.

The range is composed of 4 models with a cooling capacity from 52 to 182 kW and has a wide range of accessories, such as the RC CLOUD PLATFORM, the most advanced solution in unattended monitoring and remote management for HPAC systems.

The heart of the NEXT X TYPE is the innovative X coil. The unit is equipped with 4 coils with an “X” layout instead of the traditional single 8-row coils. This solution guarantees low pressure drop on air side, low turbulence, and balanced chilled water distribution inside the coils.

NEXT X_TYPE RC branded
NEXT X_TYPE without panels
NEXT X-TYPE: air flow
NEXT X-TYPE: water flow
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