Abi D’Oru Resort

Climaveneta units to reduce running costs while improving the internal comfort


The Abi D’Oru resort is located on the north coast of Sardinia near Porto Rotondo, one of the most exclusive locations in Italy. It extends for 3 hectares and has: 177 rooms, 4 restaurants, 3 bars, an outdoor pool, gym, private beach, Spa, and 2 tennis courts. The hotel was built in 1963 and it was refurbished and extended in 2000. It is a seasonal hotel open from the beginning of May to the end of October. In the recent years the hotel decided to start a process of renovation and expansion especially for the mechanical systems. Energy efficiency was a primary aspect due to the need to optimise energy consumption and the expansion possibilities linked to specific energy savings target included in the regional law.

Insulating the building was not feasible, due to its’ shape and local architectural and landscaping regulations.  Hence it was crucial to act on MEP services to achieve the required energy efficiency targets. Moreover, the MV-LV sub-station and the plant room were completely renovated.   

The new HVAC system is composed of Climaveneta units: 1 TECS XL CA 0452 oil free centrifugal chiller, 1 FOCS-NR XL CA 12022 heat recovery heat pump, 1 New LGP condensing boiler, and 1 ClimaPRO plant room optimization system. Finally, the new rooms and suites have been equipped with Climaveneta i-LIFE2 and i-LIFE2 HP inverter fan coil units with brushless motors that provide high performances and very low noise levels.

The recorded measurements from 2017 show an annual savings of 25-30% (approximately 22,364-26,837 euros), but there are many reasons to expect that this year the results will be even better.

Abi D'Oru, aerial view
Abi D'Oru Resort in Sardinia
Climaveneta units at Abi D'Oru
New HVAC system
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