Innovative facility in Ängelholm, Sweden

Climaveneta units for Nolato Polymer’s plastic moulding plant


Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, though its brand Climaveneta, has supplied the cooling system for Nolato Polymer’s Ängelholm production plant. Nolato Polymer is a part of the global group Nolato, founded in 1938, and develops and manufactures products in polymer materials such as plastic, silicone, and TPE for medical technology, pharmaceuticals, telecom, automotive and other selected industrial sectors. Like the rest of the Group, Nolato Polymer’s operations are based on: corporate responsibility, wide-ranging technical capabilities, and advanced production technology. The main distinguishing factor is the importance of high productivity. Continuous improvement and lean manufacturing are also key elements for the entire group.

At the Ängelholm production facilities, aspects that directly impact the environment are; use of energy, occurrence of waste (raw materials - mainly plastics and solvents), and CO2 emissions. Nolato mainly uses indirect energy in the form of electricity (85%) and district heating (10%). While some units use fuel oil, this is decreasing and being replaced with heat pumps or biofuel. Fossil fuels account for approximately 5% of total energy consumption.

In 2016, Energy consumption amounted to 169 GWh. Considering that the HVAC system consumes between 40% to 60% of the overall energy, in 2017, the company chose a Climaveneta branded water chilled FOCS-W 1302 chiller for their Ängelholm plant to make the air conditioning system more sustainable and efficient. FOCS-W units use twin motor screw compressors, optimized for R134a refrigerant, and feature an unbeatable cost/performance ratio. Thanks to a concentrated focus of the quality of the components adopted and on their optimal integration, the units offer excellent energy efficiency values at full and part loads.

Plastic moulding plant
Plastic moulding plant
Production plant
Plastic moulding
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