Leopardi15: a historic innovative building

Luxury residences with a geothermal system in Milan


In the heart of Milan, a prestigious building has been given a new lease on life. It was designed by one of the masters of Italian architecture and design: Vico Magistretti. The building is in Via Leopardi 15, a few steps from Via Monti, Piazza Castello, and Cadorna Station, and is well-served by the urban transport network and houses luxury apartments made with prestigious finishing touches and equipped with the most innovative technologies.

The criteria for the design of the systems were: reduced energy consumption, high reliability levels, reduced maintenance costs, high degree of functionality, as well as, comfort for users in terms of high air quality and eco-sustainability.

In order to meet these objectives, a four-pipe centralized HVAC system was installed. It is based on 1 multi-purpose NECS-WQ0604 heat pump; 1 NECS-CN0704 heat pump and 1 EHRHH-HT / S 0302 heat pump for the production of domestic hot water up to 70°C EHRHH-HT / S 0302, all Climaveneta branded. The central heating plant, managed by ClimaPRO, is connected to a geothermal field consisting of 27 depth probes (135 meters).

Leopardi15: the entrance
Leopardi15: external view
Leopardi15: the terraces
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