Italian silk manufacturer tackles CO₂ emissions

Ratti has chosen an eco-friendly air conditioning system


Ratti, founded in 1945, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of printed, plain, yarn-dyed and jacquard fabrics for international luxury and pret-à-porter brands. Its yearly production exceeds four million meters of fabric. Exports account for approximately 70% of total sales. Ratti has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 1989 and has been part of the Marzotto Group since 2010.

Ratti’s headquarters and Italian production facilities are located in Guanzate, near Como. Ratti understands the importance of quality, respect for the environment, safety and social responsibility. In fact, it is actively pursuing path of sustainable development with a focus on environmental protection. In fact, thanks to self-produced energy through sustainable technologies such as the photovoltaic plant, in 2017 Ratti avoided the emission of 310 tons of CO2 and 58.230 kWh of electricity was produced from renewable sources.

With these successful sustainable actions in mind, when it came time to update the HVAC system of their offices, Ratti chose Climaveneta brand air-cooled chillers with 4th generation HFO eco-friendly refrigerants, specifically, 2 FX HFO/SL-A/S 2722 chillers. The refrigerant HFO 1234ze selected ensures GWP levels near 0 (compared to GWP values of 1430 for R134a gas) and no toxicity, while continuing to guarantee high energy performance levels.

Ratti HQ
Silk production
Silk production
Ratti HQ in Como
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