Historic oasis on Lake Geneva

A century dedicated to public baths


Public baths in Geneva have historically been important establishments, and Genève Plage is one of the most iconic. It dates back to 1916, though the current structure was built in 1932. Originally there was just park and beach areas, over the years however additional facilities have been added, like swimming pools, tennis and beach volley courts, and a fitness area. In 1972 the Olympic-size pool was augurated.

To make the most of the swimming season, swimming pools need to be heated. Without heating pool water does not get much warmer than 22°C on cloudy days and 25°C on hot days. To ensure that the water temperature is always comfortable for bathers it is imperative to have adequate and reliable heat pumps installed.

When it came time to update the old heat pumps, GenèvePlage chose 2 TECS2-W HC H HFO Climaveneta branded units to heat the swimming pools. The units use the lake water as energy source and were supplied with the HFO refrigerant R1234ze. This green refrigerant offers an eco-friendly alternative to HFC with GWP levels near 0 (compared to GWP values of 1430 for R134a gas) and no toxicity.

Fitness Centre
External Swimming Pool
Wellness Centre
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