The new range of green heat pumps with large capacities


The new FOCS-N-G05 range, Climaveneta branded, is the ideal solution for large HVAC systems that require a large capacity air source reversible heat pump.  

Thanks to the low GWP R513A refrigerant, FOCS-N-G05 enhances the already high eco-sustainability of heat pump technology by ensuring an even greener approach. The new R513A refrigerant has -56% GWP compared to R134a, with zero toxicity and zero flammability (Class A1 according to ISO 817).   

FOCS-N-G05 can operate with air temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius in cooling mode and down to -10 degrees Celsius in heating mode. In heating mode, the unit can supply hot water with a temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius thanks to the HWT kit (optional).

The logic the Variable Primary Flow (VPF) regulates the speed of the pumps on the basis of the plant’s thermal load while ensuring maximum energy savings and the best operation stability

FOCS-N-G05: reversible unit
FOCS-N-G05: large capacity heat pump
FOCS-N-G05: Technological choices
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