And the winner is: EW-HT!

The revolutionary heat pump that redefines the limits of heat pump technology awarded at HVR Awards.


EW-HT by Climaveneta has been awarded as Industrial Commercial Heating Product of the Year at HVR Awards. The ceremony took place yesterday evening in the refined context of the Chelsea Harbour Hotel in London, where the judges have reviewed all the finalists and proclaimed the winners.

Based on state-of-the art technological choices and the most accurate design, EW-HT heat pump utilizes medium temperature water as a source to produce hot water up to 78°C, offering customers an innovative and sustainable alternative to gas boilers or electric heaters.

The derived efficiency values are higher than any other fuel combustion, resulting in a COP index of 4,18 if assuming hot water production of 78°C (source water 45°C/40°C). The high efficiency granted by the unit combined with the opportunity of making it the only source of high temperature water for a building, made EW-HT the undisputed winner in its category.

Wayne Perrins, sales manager at Climaveneta Powermaster said “We are proud of getting this influential prize thanks to EW-HT. It’s innovative concept provides a valuable solution in any kind of building where hot water is required, both in residential and commercial applications, either new or retrofitting buildings, satisfying the need for domestic hot water and saying goodbye to replace boilers.”

And talking about the advantages EW-HT can bring to the building Fabio Zambon, Product Marketing Director at Climaveneta adds: “But even better, EW-HT can be the key to enhancing the system’s overall efficiency in the most challenging projects. In process cooling applications characterized by several heat transfers, for example, EW-HT can offer a good opportunity to recover and move thermal energy from one operating process to another, opening the door to an easy and profitable heat recovery of low-medium temperature heat.” And he continues: “In mission-critical applications like data centers, again, EW-HT can cover the entire heating demands of the nearby offices while simultaneously contributing to cooling the data center. Two goals are reached and not a single kWh of energy is wasted.”

Even the most advanced heat pump technology faces a great limit when it comes to producing very hot water. This is the reason why Climaveneta, the European leader in providing innovative and highly efficient HVAC and HPAC solutions, has developed EW-HT, a brand new water to water heat pump that sets unprecedented standards for hot water production.

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