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The evolution of the INTEGRA range


i-NX-Q comes from the success of the INTEGRA range
Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems extends its range of Climaveneta multi-purpose heat pumps and introduces i-NX-Q: air source multi-purpose unit with scroll inverter compressors and a cooling capacity from 43 to 151 kW. The variable speed technology shows its advantages especially when applied to multi-purpose units. The new i-NX-Q units achieve consistently higher efficiencies than similar fixed-speed units, with any combination of cold / heat load, and in any season.

Unbeatable efficiency at partial loads
In a traditional comfort application, the HVAC system works at maximum power only for a limited number of hours per year, while most of the time it operates in partial conditions. It is in this situation that the efficiency achieved by the units with inverter technology is different from that of traditional fixed speed units: SCOP + 20% and SEER + 29%.
The presence of variable speed compressors provides optimal efficiencies in simultaneous load conditions measured with the TER - efficiency ratio, developed by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, which is always abundantly higher (¬ up to + 19%) than those of a unit with speed-fixed compressors.

VPF, variable flow rate, maximum savings

The logic of the VPF (Variable Primary Flow) series regulates the speed of the pumps following the trend of the thermal load and at the same time acting on the unit's thermoregulation algorithm, so optimizing it for variable flow operation. In this way maximum energy savings, operating stability, and reliability are always guaranteed.

Absence of inrush currents
The inverter technology involves a starting phase with very low currents, lower than any other mode (direct start, star / delta, part winding or soft start). The absence of sudden electricity peaks eliminates any possible disturbance of the power grid so reducing to zero the stress on the electrical components and improving the reliability of the whole system. The frequency converters chosen by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems allow the unit to always obtain high Unit Power Factor values -in nominal operating conditions- thus reducing the need to install power factor correction devices.

Flexibility in selection

The Climaveneta inverter units, thanks to specific technical solutions and proprietary control logic, can also be selected at speeds other than the nominal one. This means than even starting from a different requirement (for example maximum operating efficiency, reduction of the initial investment, future increase in plant power) it is always possible to find the most suitable unit.

Low noise emissions, maximum acoustic comfort

The capacity of the inverter units to continuously vary the rotation speed of the compressors means that the more the unit works partialized the more it reduces its sound emissions. Considering that most of the time it operates in partial conditions, compared to similar units with fixed speed compressors, this guarantees maximum acoustic comfort. The sound levels can be further reduced thanks to dedicated versions and a wide range of accessories available.

KIPlink, unit management at your fingertips
KIPlink is the innovative system that allows you to interact with the unit directly from a smartphone or tablet, accessing the WiFi network generated by the same unit through the appropriate QR code. It is available on request for the new i-NX-Q range.

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