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The new range

NR-FC-Z is the new air-cooled chiller with free-cooling for high leaving water temperature and has been designed to fulfil the specific requirements of the IT cooling segments, above all reduced energy consumption and total dependability. NR-FC-Z has a cooling capacity range from 364 to 978 kW, with 14 sizes available in 2 efficiency versions and 2 acoustic configurations.

High water temperature and high ΔT

Driven by exponential growth of data exchange, data center design is changing dramatically, always striving for reducing running costs. Modern IT environments are designed to work with temperatures which are higher than traditional levels, to enhance the cooling system’s efficiency and lower the data center’s PUE. Cooling equipment needs to evolve together with the IT infrastructure, therefore NR-FC-Z has been optimized to operate with water (in/out): 28/20°C, ensuring a higher EER (up to 4,1) and minimizing pump consumption thanks to a specific heat exchanger design that allows for low water flow rate (ΔT up to 11°C). NR-FC-Z already boasts ideal conditions for the future, with its leaving water temperature operating limit up to 24°C.


The higher the water operating temperature the higher the free-cooling potential, in fact as the outdoor air temperature drops below the returning water temperature, the benefits of the free-cooling begin. NR-FC-Z free-cooling chillers work in three different modes: Mechanical cooling: Total cooling capacity is provided by the compressors.

Hybrid cooling: The air temperature is lower than the returning water temperature, the free-cooling is active and covers part of the thermal load, the remaining part is covered by the compressors. Control logics manage the unit’s resources to achieve the best efficiencies possible.

Total free-cooling: The air temperature is cold enough to satisfy the entire cooling demand, the compressors are off. This provides maximum energy savings.

Thanks to its extra-large free-cooling coils the unit provides massive free-cooling: with a set-point of 20°C, the total free-cooling operation is possible from air temperature of 11°C. This means that for most of the time the chiller can satisfy the cooling needs without using its compressors, with unmatched efficiency.

Equipment for mission critical systems

In IT cooling applications an interruption in the cooling supply can seriously compromise the IT equipment operation and have severe economic consequences. NR-FC-Z includes a full range of devices and functions that maximize the unit’s uptime in case of emergencies. If there is a power failure, Fast Restart ensures a faster return of the required cooling capacity in the quickest amount of time: a 900 kW unit reaches its nominal cooling capacity after only 72”. Also, the double power supply ATS allows the unit to be connected to two separate power lines, thus enhancing the system’s redundancy and reliability, which makes the NR-FC-Z suitable for TIER III and IV design topologies (Uptime Institute).

LAN functions to leverage a multi-unit configuration

NR-FC-Z’s embedded smart LAN functions enhance the system’s efficiency and dependability and really make the facility manager’s job easier. Up to 16 chillers to be connected. The main functions are dynamic master with succession priority, load sharing or sequencing, stand-by unit management, resource priority management, and chiller group fast restart. While load sharing or sequencing is already available on the market, we have further developed a series of innovative LAN controls: Dynamic Master with succession priority and Resource Priority management. In the first case, if the master unit is disconnected, the dynamic master logics automatically selects another unit as master, allowing the cooling system to function as programmed. Thanks to the additional succession priority function, the facilities manager can pre-select the master candidates in advance. In the second case, if the data center has several different types of chillers with different technologies the resource priority management prioritizes the usage of each unit, adjusting the load management function accordingly. Free-cooling when available, is always given priority before activating any compressor. If the compressors are activated, they follow the priority level assigned. In addition, thanks to the adaptive set point, outdoor chillers and indoor chilled water units coordinate to optimize the system’s operation at part loads. Each group of chilled water units (up to 20 groups) communicates its real-time load condition. A smart algorithm combines the signals of all the indoor groups and converts them into a chiller set-point adjustment. When the cooling load is low, the chiller group benefits from a higher set-point, with significant energy savings for the entire cooling system. Thanks to these functions it is possible to have more than 300 units connected with a simple cable (16 chillers + 20 groups each with 16 chilled water units) without any external hardware and at no further cost.

Mobile friendly interface

KIPlink is an innovative system based on Wi-Fi technology that allows you to control your RC unit directly from your smartphone and tablet. At a user level, it can turn the unit on and off, adjust the set-point, configure the LAN functions, plot the main operating variables, monitor the vital components, and display and possibly reset the alarms. At a service level, it gives you complete control. In addition, with the local monitoring function and an Ethernet cable, KIPlink can be connected to the facility’s internal network. This allows technicians to access the interface using the IP address from any device connected to the network. With local monitoring it is easier to access the control functions without any comprises in terms of security, as KIPlink is protected with a multi-level password system.

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