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Comfort while respecting the environment

The new Climaveneta-branded NX-Q-G06 multi-purpose units combine the efficiency of multi-purpose units and the sustainability of a low GWP green refrigerant.  New to the INTEGRA range, NX-Q-G06 is in fact able to simultaneously produce hot and cold water with any load combination, always ensuring perfect comfort and high levels of energy efficiency with a new eco-friendly approach. The low refrigerant charge and the low GWP of the R454B gas used, guarantee the lowest CO equivalent values on the market.

The new range

The range is available from 55.8 to 298 kW, with 2 or 4 compressors, and in three different acoustic versions, without compromise in terms of efficiency. The new units integrate all the main hydraulic and mechanical components inside, providing the installers with a completely plug-and-play solution. The hydronic group is therefore already assembled in the factory and is integrated into the unit, for a quick and easy installation. 

Maximum energy efficiency

Thanks to their evolved control logic, NX-Q-G06 multi-purpose units can always cope with the air conditioning demands of the building in which they are installed, even and especially in the case of contemporary loads. The simultaneous production of heating and cooling is independently managed by the unit according to actual needs. In all cases where the unit simultaneously produces hot and cold water, the real efficiency of the unit is the sum of the performance in heating and cooling. The indicator that best expresses the efficiency of the multipurpose units is TER, that is, the ratio of the sum of the heating and cooling power and the absorbed electrical power. For the new NX-Q-G06 range, TER values of up to 8.6 can be reached. In addition, the high levels of efficiency at partial loads allow the units to obtain SCOP values of up to 4.0, exceeding the minimum value of the seasonal performance coefficient required by the eco-design directive by 25%. Even considering full load operation, NX-Q-G06 units perform best in their category, not only in heating (COP up to 3.7), but also in cooling (EER up to 3.5).

Technology choices

The NX-Q-G06 range has many unique features, starting with next generation compressors, developed for the use of high-density refrigerants of category A2L (Group 1 fluids according to the PED Directive). Axial fans ensure speed regulation based on refrigerant pressure, EC powered fans are also available as an option, which, thanks to continuous air flow adjustment, reduce fuel consumption and increase efficiency at partial loads, allow an increase in seasonal efficiency of up to 8%. Copper-aluminum fin coils provide units with maximum strength and resistance, and the plate heat exchanger ensures compactness and low load losses.

Advanced features

The control logics of the NX-Q-G06 units have been designed to maintain optimal comfort for occupants, regardless of load conditions. Thanks to the night-time operating mode, the unit brings sound levels to a minimum by reducing resource activity and providing optimal acoustic comfort during low load periods. In addition, the Smart Defrost feature allows you to optimally manage and reduce the number of defrosting cycles, and thus increasing the COP of the unit.

Controller W3000

The NX-Q-Q-G06 range is provided with the control software W3000+, developed by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems. Featuring extremely advanced algorithms, the performance of the W3000+ provides faster adaptive responses to different plant dynamics, in all operating conditions, ensuring connection with the most common BMS protocols. Access to the controller can also be achieved through the innovative KIPlink interface, which, goes beyond the concept of the traditional keyboard, allowing you to operate the unit directly from your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, notebook).

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