One Nation Paris Outlet

One Nation Paris Outlet
Paris - France

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Period: 2012
Application: Shopping Centre
Plant type: Hydronic System
Cooling capacity: 2765
Installed machines: 3x FX-FC/NG/SL-T (2x 3902, 1x 4502)
One Nation Paris, the luxury and fashion outlet located 30 minutes west of the centre of the French capital, is the culmination of a major retail development that brought new levels of luxury shopping to the home of Haute Couture. The 24,100 sqm scheme provides 112 individual retail shops, 4 food outlets, and 3 restaurants.

One Nation Paris is more than just a stunning retail development as it was conceived as a scheme that would set new standards for sustainability, an important factor in the owner's plans to attract over five million visitors a year.

To provide an integrated HVAC solution that would match the project's aspirations for a highly efficient and sustainable system while providing a comfortable shopping environment, 3 FX-FC Climaveneta units have been installed for a total of 2,765 kW cooling capacity. These units cool the shops and stores without consuming any energy derived from fossil fuels - or emitting any CO2. The high efficiency air-cooled chillers are fitted with free-cooling coils, where the fluid is cooled by outside air, reducing the load of the compressors with an energy cost of almost zero.