Triana Ceramic Museum

Triana Ceramic Museum
Seville - Spain

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Period: 2013
Application: Museum
Plant type: Hydronic System
Cooling capacity: 151
Heating capacity: 198
Installed machines: 1x NECS-Q/B 0604
The restoration of the former historic Triana ceramic factory, turned into a museum, is part of a wider revitalization and tourist-enhancement programme for this colourful neighbourhood of Seville.

The restoration programme succeeds in evoking the past through a series of tangible historic features while unifying the three buildings into one, which has become the museum. The ground floor provides a fascinating insight into tile and pottery production history.

The cooling and heating has been entrusted to a Climaveneta multipurpose unit with scroll compressors for simultaneous and independent production of hot and cold water. A typical museum installation needs to control temperature and humidity: thanks to the use of full heat recovery, this is ensured with the highest efficiency and energy savings.
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