Loccioni Leaf Lab

Loccioni Leaf Lab
Ancona - Italy

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Period: 2014
Investor: Loccioni
Application: Offices
Plant type: Hydronic System
Cooling capacity: 631
Installed machines: 2x NECS-W H R 904, 1x NECS-W H 412, 1x ClimaPRO
Loccioni works allongside large international companies to improve the quality of their products and procedures thanks to the knowledge of measurement and quality control, since 1968.

The company has built a double internal micro grid around its premises, constructing and integrating photovoltaic systems, electricity generation plants starting from small water jumps, biomass plants, so that there is always an optimization between the production and consumption of energy. The main hub of the grid is the "Leaf Lab", that is comprised of both offices and a production plant. The block is considered highly "connective" because it can exchange energy and manage energy streams and information with other industrial buildings that are part of the grid.

3 Climaveneta NECS-W reversible heat pumps were installed both for summer and winter air conditioning of the whole building. The units use the Esino river water as source, operating with lower condensing temperature, making it more efficient. The heat pumps are managed by ClimaPro, the ultimate plant room optimization system. It is a complete system that manages and monitors the whole plant, with all its auxiliaries, including circulation pumps and valves.

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