Unicredit Pavilion Porta Nuova

Unicredit Pavilion Porta Nuova
Milan - Italy

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Period: 2015
Application: Mixed-Use Development
Cooling capacity: 726
Heating capacity: 786
Installed machines: 2x ERACS2-WQ 1502
Installer: Marchi Impianti
Tthe Unicredit Pavilion, in the heart of the Porta Nuova district in Milan is the symbol of the Banking Group’s participation at Expo 2015. The Italian architect Michele De Lucchiwas designed this meeting space capable of hosting cultural events, conferences, art exhibitions and music concerts. The multi-purpose structure can accommodate up to 700 people and is divided into modular components that promote dialogue, participation and experimentation.

The customer’s strong focus on sustainability is highlighted by the building's certification LEED GOLD and by the state-of-the-art technology applied in the project.

The comfort in the Pavilion is provided all year round by 2 Climaveneta ERACS2-WQ 1502 smart heat pumps, connected to the water ring that serves the whole Porta Nuova district. The HVAC system of the whole district is as simple as it is innovative, the first and only of its kind in Italy and absolutely cutting edge in Europe. The plant’s foundation is surrounded by groundwater, which is present at fairly high levels in the area, setting up a water ring that serves the whole Porta Nuova district. From this piping system, based on 12 pumping wells, each building can have groundwater in its own plant room in order to produce their own hot and cold water.
Unicredit Pavillon

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Unicredit Pavillon