Teatro del Bicentenario

Teatro del Bicentenario
San Juan - Argentina

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Period: 2015 - 2016
Application: Theatres
Plant type: Hydronic System
Cooling capacity: 2800
Heating capacity: 1422
Installed machines: 2x ERACS2-Q/CA 2722,1x FOCS2-K 6303, 23x WIZARD
This building is located in San Juan province, where the government has created a new cultural district which hosts museums, a conference center, and the Bicentenario de San Juan Theatre, a international stage for operas, ballets and concerts. This building has been designed with care, starting from the architecture inspired by the mountains surrounding San Juan.

To guarantee the audience’s maximum comfort in both the two rooms as well in the internal restaurant, an air conditioning system able to regulate the temperature efficiently
during the whole year with minimum noise emissions was installed.

The landlord decided to install an efficient and flexible air conditioning system based on 2 low noise emissions ERACS2-Q units in Class A efficiency, that produce hot and cold water at same time. They were coupled with 1 air cooled chiller FOCS2-K with precise thermoregulation and 23 WIZARD air handling units for optimum air exchange and filtration, thus providing the building with the very high comfort requirements.
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