Gustavo Fricke Hospital

Gustavo Fricke Hospital
Viña del Mar - Chile

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Period: 2016 - 2018
Application: Healthcare / Hospitals
Plant type: Hydronic System
Cooling capacity: 6381
Heating capacity: 5711
Installed machines: 1x ERACS2-Q/SL-CA 2722, 2x FOCS-N/B 2622, 4x FOCS-N/B 3222, 2x FOCS-N/B 2222, 1x MANAGER 3000
Gustavo Frickle Hospital is a 92,000 sqm building in Viña del mar, Chile. This modern 11-storey structure with 554 rooms, clinical wards and an heliport, was inaugurated in March 2017.

Providing patients and medical personnel with ideal temperature and humidity conditions as well as huge amount of sanitary hot water, achieving these with reduced acoustic emissions and the highest efficiency, are the key challenges for hospital HVAC systems.

Gustavo Frickle Hospital has been equipped with 8 FOCS-N, air source heat pumps with semi hermetic screw compressors, and 1 ERACS2-Q air source unit for simultaneous production of hot and cold water, thus satisfying the air conditioning needs of the structure all year long. In particular ERACS2-Q has been chosen in low noise version, in order to reduce noise emissions and ensure occupants’ comfort. In addition, depending on climate conditions, best operation mode is set completely automatically and independently in order to minimize the absorbed energy in every situation.