United Hospitals in South Padua

United Hospitals in South Padua
Padua - Italy

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Period: 2014 - 2015
Application: Healthcare / Hospitals
Plant type: Air to Air System
Heating capacity: 2300
Air flow: 900000
Installed machines: 132xWIZARD, 11xNECS/WN/B (1x0202, 2x0352,1x0412,3x0704, 1x0904,2x1004,1x1404), 1xRECS-W/B 2152
Installer: Gemmo Impianti, Vicenza
The complex of new South Padua United Hospitals is located in the middle of a large green area in Monselice and has a horizontal surface with three bodies for a total of 75,000 m2 of gross area.

The topic of energy efficiency was vital early in the first stages of the hospital design. The energy analysis carried out at led to the choice of a tri-generation system.

To further increase the energy efficiency of the hospital, the tri-generation system were supported by a geothermal field, consisting of 1,300 closed loop vertical probes. The probes are linked to 3 NECS-WN/B Climaveneta heat pumps. Even the air treatment system was chosen for its high efficiency and is based on 132 Climaveneta air handling WIZARD units for a total air flow of more than 900,000 m³/h. At the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta hospital they have also installed 9 additional heat pumps for the active thermodynamic recovery in combination with the static heat recovery. Going in depth the plant designer selected 8 NECS-WN/B and 1 RECS-W/B 2152 all supplied by Climaveneta for a total thermal capacity of 2.3 MW.
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