Tignè Point

Tignè Point
Valletta - Malta

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Period: 2009 - 2016
Application: Mixed-Use Development
Plant type: Hydronic System
Cooling capacity: 4785
Heating capacity: 6456
Installed machines: 2x EW-HT 1204, 5x FOCS2-W/H/CA
Tignè Point is a development in Malta made up of The Point Shopping Mall, a dozen shops and restaurants outside the main building, 340 occupied luxury apartments, and 50 large offices.

The HVAC system is a shining example of innovation and sustainability and is based on 4 FOCS2-W/H/CA 3602, 1 FOCS2-W/H/CA-E 3602 with HWT kit and 2 EW-HT1204/S.

The FOCS2-W/H units serve the whole development for space heating and cooling, on the basis of a 4-pipe system. EW-HT heat pumps use a part of the water heated by the FOCS2 as a “cold” source (evaporator) to produce water at 78°C (condenser). The ability to take advantage of water up to 45°C allows these heat pumps to be completely integrated into the system and to produce very high temperature water in a very efficient way, in other words with a COP=5. The 78°C water circulates in two additional pipes (the system is based on a total of 6 pipes), supplying domestic hot water to all the buildings. Furthermore the very hot temperature water produced by EW-HT also serves the nearby Fortina Resort, that switched off its existing gas boiler, thus reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions on site.
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