Neuromed Clinic

Neuromed Clinic
Isernia - Italy

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Period: 2016 - 2018
Application: Healthcare / Hospitals
Plant type: Hydronic System
Cooling capacity: 772
Heating capacity: 816
Air flow: 197000
Installed machines: 1x ERACS2-Q/XL-CA 3222, 22x WIZARD, 108x a-CHD U 2T 0606, 66x a-CHD U 2T 0706, 21x a-LIFE2 HP DLIO 0302
Five years after laying the first stone, the new clinic of the Neurology Institute was inaugurated on October 27, 2018. The Hospital boasts a high degree of specialization in Neurosurgery, Neurology, and all Neuroscience-related diseases, encompassing three specific areas: clinical, research, and training. In order to consolidate the role of Neuromed as an international reference center in 2012, the investors decided to start the process of widening the structure and enhancing the research activities.

The first result of this important investment plan is the clinic that boasts high levels of innovation and features of high anti-seismicity and energy efficiency.

Even the new facility's HVAC system pursues innovation and energy efficiency goals, while minimizing CO2 and noise emissions. The heart of the plant is composed of Climaveneta heat pumps. Following the installation pf the first units in 2013, this year the following machines have been delivered: 2 INTEGRA multi-purpose heat pumps ERACS2-Q / XL-CA3222, 15 WIZARD Air Treatment Units for Air Renewal and Treatment, and 94 a-CHD cassette hydronic terminals for air distribution.