University Hospitals of Foggia

University Hospitals of Foggia
Foggia - Italy

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Period: 2014 - 2017
Application: Healthcare / Hospitals
Plant type: Air to Air System
Cooling capacity: 5558
Heating capacity: 1966
Installed machines: 31x WIZARD, 1x ERACS-Q/SL-CA 3222, 1x FOCS-N/SL-CA 4822, 3x FOCS2/SL-CA-E 4822
The University Hospitals of Foggia aims to achieve the ambitious goal of a hospital of "Excellence", understood as a health facility where there all the functions of modern medicine are present.

To achieve this goal a new emergency-urgent complex was built. The structure, has First Aid, Emergency Surgery, CICU (cardiac intensive care unit), Intensive Care, and a Stroke Unit, for a total of 250 beds.

The new complex of the Hospitals of Foggia was fitted with an air conditioning system based on 5 Climaveneta chillers and heat pumps with high efficiency, combined with 31 WIZARD air handling units. In more detail, there are; 1 multi-purpose heat pump ERACS-Q/SL-CA 3222, 1 reversible heat pump FOCS-N/SL-4822 and 3 liquid refrigerant FOCS2/SL-CA-E 4822. All the units are air-cooled, in the super silent version class A, with considerable total cooling and heating capacity: 3183 kW for cooling and 1909 kW for heating.
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Univeristy Hospitals of Foggia