Ikea Museum

Ikea Museum
Almhult - Sweden

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Period: 2016 - 2018
Application: Retail - Museum
Plant type: Hydronic System
Cooling capacity: 880
Installed machines: 1x NX/K 1214P, 2x NECS-FC/SL/S 0904
The Ikea Museum is a 7,000 sqm structure located in Almhult, Ikea’s historical headquarters. It celebrates the 70-year history of the firm through its products and the stories of people who have bought Ikea furniture over the years and is expected to become a tourist attraction. The four floors include fully furnished rooms, old catalogues, living spaces of the future, and exhibits dedicated to the store's most popular and not-so-popular items.

The structure required a reliable and efficient HVAC system both in visitors areas and in technical rooms, in order to ensure a pleasant visiting experience, in line with the values celebrated by Ikea all over the world through a unique shopping experience.

The M&E consultants opted for Climaveneta units for this prestigious project. A NX air source chiller with scroll compressors was installed for the air conditioning of the museum. The local temperate climate has made possible to equip the cooling system of the technical rooms with 2 NECS-FC chillers. Thanks to Climaveneta's advanced free cooling technology system, they use outdoor temperature as a free source for cooling, thus maximising energy savings.
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