Las Piedras Shopping

Las Piedras Shopping
Montevideo - Uruguay

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Period: 2014 - 2017
Application: Shopping Centre
Cooling capacity: 3417
Installed machines: 10x WIZARD-TA-7500 CA; 3x FOCS2-W / CA 4502
Las Piedras is a fast-growing urban center, and the Montevideo metropolitan capital development where the new Las Piedras shopping center is located, is a prime example. The main features are; 38,000 sqm, a hundred shops, five cinemas, a hypermarket, a large food court with 12 dining options and a capacity of 600 people, and a large covered parking area, which has generated over 1,200 new jobs. The building was developed on three levels, the basement is dedicated to parking, while the other two are for commercial and recreational activities.

Sustainability is one of the key concepts of the new building. Great importance has been given to lighting, through an extensive use of natural light in addition to the artificial LED, to the rational use of water thanks to a dual supply system that divides drinking water from the one for service purposes.

Even the HVAC system has been designed and built with a strong focus on sustainability and energy saving. Climaveneta high efficiency units have been selected to maintain perfect comfort inside the mall: 10 WIZARD-TA-7500 CA air handling units with a total air flow of 244.035 m3 and 3 FOCS2-W / CA 4502 condensed water chillers with a total cooling capacity of 3,417 kW.
Las Piedras Shopping

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Las Piedras Shopping