Hotel Abi d'Oru

Hotel Abi d'Oru
Marinella Gulf - Italy

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Period: 2016 - 2017
Application: Hotel and resorts
Cooling capacity: 680
Heating capacity: 300
Installed machines: 1x TECS XL CA 0452; 1x FOCS-NR XL CA 12022; i-life2; i-life2HP; ClimaPRO
The 5-star hotel overlooks a white sand beach reserved for the hotel clients, in the Marinella Gulf, four kilometres away from Porto Rotondo, close to Costa Smeralda. The rooms, including the new suites, point to the sea, which is five-minute walk away. The building is surrounded by a beautiful garden, which includes a small natural lake, a heated pool and a brand new relax area. The hotel also includes three cafes and four restaurants, two of which are on the seaside.

The HVAC system was renovated by taking away the old units: gas boilers, chillers, and an evaporative tower.

To supply the pre-existent building, the new suites, spa and to heat the swimming pool, the following machines were installed: 1 TECS XL CA 0452 chiller and 1 FOCS-NR XL CA 12022 heat pump, both Climaveneta branded and able to combine high efficiency and low noise levels. The air flow is provided by Climaveneta fan-coils i-life 2 and i-life 2 HP. The whole system is controlled by ClimaPRO, which smartly manages the units by optimizing the recovery phase and uses the chiller when heating the pool and producing hot water are not needed. Therefore, during the hottest hours of the day, the TECS is more efficient and during the night the chiller combines efficiency with low noise level.
Abi D'Oru

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Abi D'Oru