Capitec HQ

Capitec HQ
Stellenbosch - South Africa

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Period: 2018 - 2021
Application: Office Buildings
Plant type: Hydronic System
Cooling capacity: 1700
Heating capacity: 900
Installed machines: 1x FX/CA/S 5412;1x ERACS2-Q/CA /S 3222
Capitec Bank, one of the largest banks in Africa, is investing in its new headquarters, in Technopark, Stellenbosch. The innovative development, designed by dhk Architects and multi-disciplinary engineering consultants AECOM, is comprised of a central office building, called the Campus Building and an adjacent parking facility, both of them including a single basement level, ground floor, and two upper levels.

Capitec has championed environmental sustainability and employee well-being throughout the building. Even the air conditioning system is based on these values.

To enhance the energy efficiency of the building while maintaining internal comfort all year round, the plant designer planned an innovative HVAC system based on two Climaveneta branded air-cooled glycol units: 1 FX/CA/S 5412 chiller and 1 ERACS2-Q/CA/S 3222 multi-purpose unit linked to a thermal energy storage, to offset the chiller electrical demand during peak tariff periods.
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