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Chiller with centrifugal oil-free compressor: the expertise makes the difference

The unbeatable efficiency: TECS ultra compact air and water cooled chillers apply magnetic levitation technology to achieve top level efficiency.

Chiller with centrifugal oil-free compressor: the expertise makes the difference

These top level technology compressors bring enormous benefits in terms of efficiency, adjustments, vibrations and weight. Magnetic levitation eliminates the need for lubricant, its delicate management and its heat exchange loss.

Negligible inrush current

Magnetic Levitation compressor has an extremely low startup in-rush current: for water cooled chillers is only 2 Amps! This provides for a more favourable selection of the line power systems.

Unrivaled efficiency

Chillers with centrifugal oil-free compressors show competitive full load and outstanding partial load efficiency, enabling them to reach and exceed any values of efficiency established by HVAC’s most common protocols.

Silent operation

Centrifugal oil-free are the most silent compressors available on the market; chillers with this technology feature extremely reduced vibration, with considerable advantages in any application.

Logic will get you from A to B. TX-W will take you everywhere

Only imagination could lead Climaveneta to improve the already brilliant technical features of oil-free centrifugal chillers and conceive TX-W, the new water-cooled chiller range enhancing the top performance of magnetic levitation technology.

Countless design combinations

The unit can host from 1 to 6 centrifugal oil-free compressors plus 6 new couples of heat exchangers which can be flexibly deployed either with a horizontal or diagonal layout. The result is a complete range of 63 possible combinations that provide the customer with even greater freedom of choice.

Widest range of cooling capacity

TX-W comes with a coverage never seen before: from 246 kW to more than 4 MW. Whatever the demand for cooling capacity, this unit is the answer to all comfort, process and IT Cooling applications.

Brilliant full load and seasonal efficiencies

TX-W is designed to reach unrivaled efficiency: full load EER can exceed 6.5 (gross values), while seasonal ESEER is over 10.2 (gross value).

Flexible configuration

With the TX-W you can choose between horizontal or diagonal layout of the heat exchangers, with dimensions that favor the overall compact size in height or in width. The water connections of both heat exchangers can be deployed either on the right or left side, to fit the most diverse HVAC system requirements.

Total reliability

TX-W optimally manages the correct compression ratio, ensuring that the compressors are always - during start-up, in operation, in response to the thermoregulator and during shutdown - in a full safety work area.

Dedicated operating range

TX-W features several combinations of compressors to be installed both in applications working with a low condensing temperature (cooling towers, surface water) and in systems at the highest temperature involving the use of dry coolers. Evaporator leaving water temperature up to 20°C makes the TX-W the most suitable solution for the needs of IT cooling systems and for industrial processes.

Targeted product selection

Thanks to the exclusive ELCA WORLD software, TX-W can be selected according to the specific customer requirements. Whatever the cooling capacity requested, the software proposes several design alternatives

CX4: the evolution in the world of controls

The heart of the new chiller is the CX4 controller, featuring an exclusive hardware and software that dynamically master all the main components (compressors, valves, etc.) and make them work at their best, for a total reliability. In multiple compressor units, CX4 employs the exclusive ‘jumping staging’ logic which always enables, during partialization, the most efficient combination of compressors.

KIPlink: the digital change

Access to the main variables of CX4 comes either with a highly personalised touch screen interface, whose graphics have been created to fit TX-W, or through KIPlink, an innovative system based on WiFi technology that allows one to operate on a Climaveneta unit directly from your smartphone and tablet.

Technological options

Acoustic enclosure

The already minimal noise emissions of TX-W units can be further reduced by choosing the option "acoustic enclosure", available in two variants:

  • Standard -14 dB(A)
  • Integral -18 dB(A)

Gas detector device

TX-W can be equipped with a gas detector to signal the presence of refrigerant in a closed environment. The detector has a double-threshold and can deactivate the compressors and disconnect the exchangers.

Fast restart

In some applications it is crucial to ensure the rapid restoration of cooling capacity after an interruption in power supply (black -out). The fast restart option allows for the restart of the compressors within 26” seconds after power is restored and the rapid re-entry into full operation (e.g.: unit mod. 2D00 comes back to provide 1300 kW in just 6 minutes after voltage dip).


INTEGRA multi-use units: the most evolved solution for 4-pipe systems

INTEGRA units for 4-pipe systems, air and water source, with scroll, screw and inverter screw compressors, from 33 to 1125 Kw, for simultaneous hot and cold water production: the zero-compromise solution in terms of comfort and system efficiency.

Maximum energy efficiency

The construction approach that characterizes Climaveneta multi-use units has been designed to maximize their usefulness. The maximum efficiency of the system is reached with simultaneous loads, the energy produced is used to satisfy the hot and cold demands of the total system. In modern buildings with opposite overlapping thermal loads, the INTEGRA units are the greenest and most efficient solution compared to any other.

Self-adaptability with simultaneous loads

Thanks to their advanced control logic, multi-use units are always able to respond to building climate control requirements, especially if overlapping loads occur. The unit can independently produce cooling and heating simultaneously, according the actual needs.

System simplification

The use of a unit that independently produces both heating and cooling eliminates the need for separate heating and cooling resources. This significantly simplifies the system: plant areas are reduced, hydronic circuits are simplified, maintenance is reduced by half, and control is rationalized.

Reduction of on-site operations

A simplified system results in a significant reduction in the operations to be carried out on site. In fact, it is no longer necessary to connect it to the gas network, install and commission auxiliary boilers, or manage areas to be used for conventional heating units. This means substantial savings in terms of time and cost for the client.

TER: Total efficiency ratio

INTEGRA units can produce hot and chilled water at the same time and totally independently, adapting to the variable heating and cooling demands of the building.

Climaveneta has introduced a new efficiency index, called Total Efficiency Ratio (TER).

In all cases in which INTEGRA simultaneously produces cold and hot water, the real efficiency of the unit is the sum of the performance in hot and cold water production.

Using traditional ratings such as EER and COP to measure efficiency of 4-pipe units would be limiting. To objectively measure performance under simultaneous load conditions, the Climaveneta brand, a pioneer in the development of this technology, has conceived of TER – total efficiency ratio. The TER is calculated as the ratio between the sum of the delivered heating and cooling power and electrical power input.

Considered today the most effective way of representing the real efficiency of the unit, the TER reaches its maximum value when the loads are completely balanced.

For chillers the energy efficiency ratio is EER and for heat pumps COP. Basically TER is the combination of the COP and EER in one single index. In the case of the simultaneous, balanced demand of heating and cooling these units can achieve efficiency corresponding to TER values between 7 and 8. The superior efficiency is evident considering that 3,2 is the EER for class A chillers.

Integra Technologies

Inverter Technology

The inverter technology with continuous variable speed shows its advantages particularly when applied to multi-purpose units.

The inverter technology with continuous variable speed shows its advantages particularly when applied to multi-purpose units. The new inverter driven i-FX-Q2 and i-NX-Q always reach higher efficiencies than fixed speed units, with any combination of cold / hot load, and in any season.

The presence of Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressors allows the INTEGRA unit, i-FX-Q2 and i-NX-Q to effectively follow each combination of thermal loads required by the system, with increasingly higher TER efficiencies (up to 19%) compared to those units with fixed speed compressors.

Unbeatable efficiency at partial loads

In traditional comfort applications the HVAC plant usually works at full load only for few hours every year. Most of the time the unit works at partial loads. It is in this situation that the efficiency achieved by the units with inverter technology is much higher than traditional fixed speed units: SCOP up to +20% SEER up to +32% The minimum efficiency requirements of the EU regulation, ErP 2009/125 / EC, are also pinpointed in TIER 2021.

Minimum sound emissions. Highest acoustical comfort

The more you increase the partialisation the lower your sound emissions will be, thanks to capacity of inverter technology to continually modulate the compressor rotation. For most of the year VSD units will therefore produce lower sound emissions compared to fixed speed units, always ensuring the highest acoustical comfort. The sound emissions can be further reduced thanks to dedicated versions and a vast array of accessories.

No in-rush current

The inverter technology involves a start-up phase with negligible in-rush current, lower than any other starting mode (direct start, star / delta, part winding or soft start). The absence of sudden peaks and abrupt changes in the starting torque, in addition to eliminating possible disturbances to the electricity power network, reduces the stress on the electrical components to zero, and improves the reliability of the system. The frequency converters are characterized by values of Displacement Power Factor of between 0.97 and 0.99.The resulting power factor of the unit at rated nominal operating conditions is always higher than that of similar fixed speed unit. The need to install power factor correction devices of the loads is therefore reduced.

Flexibility in selecting units

Thanks to specific technical solutions and proprietary control functions, Climaveneta’s inverter units can be selected at various speed conditions, different from the nominal ones. Whatever the needs to be met: maximum operating efficiency, reducing the initial investment, future power increase of the plant, it is always possible to identify the most suitable unit.

an integrated module for the independent production of very high water temperature (up to 78 ° C). From 70 to 279 kW

+2P it is the innovative solution for the production of very high water temperature (up to 78 °C). Designed as a fully integrated module, +2P is installed inside the main and grants efficiencies without compromise.

The multipurpose heat pump with integrated +2P module is therefore able to satisfy, independently and simultaneously, 3 different thermal requirements at 3 different temperatures, without limiting operational flexibility.

Thanks to +2P, other supplementary sources will no longer be necessary for the production of high temperature water.

The INTEGRA +2P solution is ideal in all cases where there is the need to fulfill independently and simultaneously 3 thermal loads (cold, warm, and hot water)





United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change

"The ultimate objective of this Convention is to achieve stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system. Such a level should be achieved with a time frame sufficient to allow ecosystems to adapt naturally to climate change, to ensure that food production is not threatened and to enable economic development to proceed in a sustainable manner."

UNFCCC, 1992

New generation chillers with magnetic levitation technology and HFO refrigerant embracing an innovative forward-looking concept of sustainability.

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems Spa, that has environmental respect as one of its guiding principles, has taken a step further, since the end of 2015 Climaveneta and RC have offered units with 4th generation HFO eco-friendly refrigerants: HFO 1234ze and HFO 1234yf.

Thanks to their ability to disintegrate very quickly into the atmosphere, HFO fluorinated molecules have a very low environmental impact, while retaining thermodynamic properties very similar to HFCs, and thus continuing to guarantee high energy performance levels.

In particular, the refrigerant HFO 1234ze selected by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems for chillers ensures GWP levels near 0 (compared to GWP values of 1430 for R134a gas) and no toxicity. For these reasons, HFO 1234ze has been approved by international standards, such as ASHRAE 34, ISO 817, and is in line with international legislation on greenhouse gases.

Efficiency, reliability, silent operation. But also great care to the environmental effects of its components. All of these premises have led to the creation of TECS2-HFO: the most advanced and eco-compatible solution available on the market.

Magnetic levitation compressor specifically designed for HFO

TECS2 HFO is the result of a smart combination between the centrifugal compressor with magnetic levitation technology and the HFO 1234ze refrigerant. It is well known that the efficiency levels achieved by the magnetic levitation compressors are far superior to those with traditional volumetric compressors. The new HFO magnetic levitation compressor is 3% more efficient than similar technology working with R134a.

New generation EC fans

EC electronic commutation fans are characterised by high efficiency motor and, according to Regulations 327/2011, their Efficiency Grade is far superior to any other AC fan. Their extraordinary efficiency, together with really low inrush current, improves chiller performance, especially at partial loads, and contributes to the overall reliability of the unit and thus to relevant running cost savings.

Innovative design of the heat exchangers

The flooded evaporator, fully designed and built internally, together with the shell and tube condenser (in water source units), present an exclusive design aimed at maximising the cooling capacity and optimising the operation of the compressors. The shell and tube condenser is designed to ensure reduced pressure drops on the water side and to decrease the pumping costs as much as possible. In the evaporator the complete flooding of the tubes is also guaranteed during partial load conditions by an electronic expansion valve, managed by proprietary control logics.